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This is a fully Japanese inspired BOKS brought in by us from tSUYA Brand 🇯🇵 

It's a very complete Set for all Detailing aspects

• 5 litres pHase one cleansing agent, ready to go from the huge 5 litre Jerry Can. A pre-washing agent designed to lubricate the surface prior to washing.

• Bathe Shampoo, as seen before with its excellent scent and superior smooth feel. 

• Swirl Mask, typically aimed towards show cars to get the best shine and filling properties FAST!

• 1 litre tSUYA Ceramic QD. Retailing at £39.99 alone, this makes the BOKS an excellent value one immediately. Be prepared for some jaw dropping results here.

• Upholstery Cleanse is just that, but you can use it on any and every surface. Even glass. This is just a factory reset formula which will eradicate stains, mould growth, unwanted odours. Excellent product.

• Interior Protect is for use after upholstery cleaning has been carried out, leaving a natural OEM finish with a fresh Japanese inspired fragrance. Perfection. 

• Wheel seal 500ml, although there isn’t much to read into here, it is an exceptional coating for you wheels - all types and make. Just spray on and allow to level before quick and easy removal. Cleaning wheels with a brush will be a thing of the past.