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This is the first official TRADE BOKS

Only 200 have been made available 


• 5 litres Watermelon Pre-Wash Concentrate

• 5 litres Double Busy Sprayable Carnauba Sealant 

• 1 litre Parma-V Snow Foam Super Concentrate

• 1 litre Supreme Shampoo Super Concentrate

• 1 litre Caramel pH neutral Wheel Cleaner

• 500ml Melon Air Freshener

• 50ml tSUYA Quartz Ceramic Wax

These items are aimed towards the TRADE user. The colours of the products are neutral, fragrances are still strong. This set is designed to keep the TRADE customer busy and servicing their customers to the highest standard - colour pigments in the bottle are not essential, but performance definitely IS!