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This is the NEW Edition, this is the SEPTEMBER BOKS!!

£29.95 for the first 1000 BOKS’ 

This kit contains everything you’ll need to get your pride and joy absolutely spanking on the 1-10 clean scale!

Kit contains:

• ONE absolutely massive 5 Litre JUGÅ Snøfall High Strength SNOWFOAM , CHOCOMEL EDITION. This is not a sample product, this is a full sized 5 litre with a RRP of £59.95!

• 500ml of the astonishing BATH CHOCOMEL EDITION High foam Easy Glide shampoo, fully pH Neutral, excellent gliding capabilities, high concentration formula with plenty of foam. A truly unique fragrance which becomes addictive fast.

• 500ml tSUYA Strength Skin Ceramic QD, completely new to the UK market, a fully infused siO2 detailer - yes, a real ceramic Detailer! Astonishing water behaviour and dramatic gloss levels with the ease of a spray and wipe formulation.

• 500ml NILLA SEAL PTFE Paste Sealant, An epic barrier for any polished surface. Protect your paintwork with Nilla Seal. An easy application, Spray, or foam pad applied, allow to bond and set before removal and you’ll have a great finish.

• 500ml TWEED Fabric Cleanser, suitable for all cotton, carpet, tweed, alacantra, canvas, suede - it’s such a versatile, gentle foaming agent, with an anti bacterial element it’s perfect for all interior uses whether it’s car, clothing, household or workplace!

• 500ml SPICED Pumpkin Latte De-Odouriser with Anti Bacterial properties, an absolute must during these current times! With a properly jaw dropping, homely spiced fragrance, to get you into the mood and prepared for the cooler seasons. Embrace the change in style.

• 50ml JUGÅ 36% T1 Grade CARNAUBA MESSIAS KLASSE Wax CHOCOMEL EDITION. Astonishing performance, thin layer, easy removal. If you want shine, protection, and water dispersal - this is the wax for you!

• two reusable and interchangeable trigger spray heads for use with products requiring spray application. 

With 1000 available at this price of £29.95 it really is a true deal, this is the fifth version of BOKS, so far over 7,000 have sold to many many happy and returning customers.