SILKY - Super Smooth Car Care Shampoo

SILKY - Super Smooth Car Care Shampoo

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What is Silky?

A well concentrated and pH balanced cleansing shampoo. Mixed into the blend you'll find several lubricating ingredients to make this the smoothest shampoo to use.

A deluxe feel and powerful cleaner, that is still mild when it comes to your protection. It will not strip any waxes or sealants. A safe wash, bringing real clarity to your detail.

Key features and Benefits:

• Great dilution ratio
• Mild cleansing agents
• pH neutral and protection safe

Usage Instructions

Add three caps of Silky to your wash bucket, fill with warm water. Agitate with pressured water to produce a sudsy foam. Safely wash the entire vehicle before rinsing.

Tip from the Pro:
On a hot day, pre-rinse the panels with cold water to cool the surface before you shampoo.