REVEAL - Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner

REVEAL - Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner

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What is Reveal?

A non acidic dilutable wheel cleaner that just loves to bust brake dust, road salts and grime. Fully safe on all coated wheels. Utilising high foaming surfactant agents to make lifting contaminants easy.

Key features and Benefits:

• Powerful formula concentration
• Safe on all coated wheels
• Non Acidic
• Fast at the job

Usage Instructions

Can be diluted 1:10 for general maintenance wheel cleaning.

Spray directly onto the wheel surface, allow minutes to soak and work on breaking down the layers of build up. Agitate to release layers and work into the creases and details with a brush.
Rinse thoroughly with pressured water.

Tip from the Pro:
After an initial wheel strip and detail, use Reveal diluted 1:10 for a weekly wash to keep on top of appearances with ease.