POWER SNOW - Alkaline Snow Foam Concentrate

POWER SNOW - Alkaline Snow Foam Concentrate

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What is Power Snow?

An advanced concentrate formula, Alkaline Based. Creates a thick snow blanket, giving extra cling/dwell time for the chemical to react against the surface applied to. Softens and removes grime to aid your safe contactless wash process.
Continuous use of Power Snow without topping protection levels will affect lsp.

Key features and Benefits:

• Super high strength
• Thick foaming abilities
• Long dwell/cling time

Usage Instructions

Dilute mixture in a snowfoam lance, 100ml concentrate to 900ml warm water. Adjust dial on snowfoam lance to suit your desired foam thickness.

Tip from the Pro:
As tempting as it may be to apply a thicker foam,a thinner foam will work just as werll to attack the road grime.
Use Power Snow when you need the extra bite.