POLAR BLAST - pH Neutral Snow Foam Concentrate

POLAR BLAST - pH Neutral Snow Foam Concentrate

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What is Polar Blast?

An advanced concentrate formula, pH balanced to perform a safe wash without diminishing any sealant or wax coating previously applied. Creates a thick snow blanket, giving extra cling/dwell time for the chemical to react against the surface applied to. Softens and removes grime to aid your safe contactless wash process.

Key features and Benefits:

• High Strength Concentration
• Thick foaming abilities
• Safe on all surfaces
• Long dwell/cling time

Usage Instructions

Dilute mixture in a snow foam lance, 100ml concentrate to 900ml warm water. Adjust dial on snowf oam lance to suit your desired foam thickness.

Tip from the Pro:
As tempting as it may be to apply a thicker foam, a thinner foam will work just as well to attack the road grime.