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5 litres pH Neutral SUPREME Shampoo, high concentrate dilution ratio. Enough for a professional. Marshmallow Fluff fragranced. 

5 litres pH Neutral Caramel Wheel Cleaner, superior cleansing power for any wheel type, non acidic, exceptional lifting power for grime and fallout.

5 litres JUGÅ envigora Snø foam. Fresh from Norway, this is a high strength professional grade Snowfoam, with the lifting power as strong as you will ever need. Great clinging properties and dwell time.

5 litres Kreme Ceramic QD. This will help any pro get the very best last stage finish, it’s well beyond any ‘wet look’ Quick Detailer. It’s just phenomenal. 

250ml Lemon Satin Interior dressing.

500ml Skimpy Dress Tyre & Trim Gel

500ml De-Odourising Spray (comes with trigger) special edition ‘creamy’ fragrance.

50ml tSUYA Ceramic Wax. Leaving a truly epic protective layer to the paintwork.