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Jogo Wax

Jogo Wax

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You've found it, the best wax for anybody!

Jogio wax is a completely no-nonsense, easy use, supremely soft, wipe away, High Gloss Finish Wax.

There are no tricks with Jogo Wax. No gimmicks. No hidden Dark Arts.

It is made with fine, but simple ingredients such as Coconut, Jojoba, Macadamia oils, with the main gloss giver Carnauba Wax at a T1 grade. 

You will not struggle to apply this, there are no tricky curing times to adhere to, in sunlight, or on a hot day is no issue. No special equipment is required at all. 

This is made for a Newbie ( a Noob), but will be used by those who just want a proper wax to use, without any scene tax, any added requirements, or just any jargon and gumpf which nobody will understand - let alone reap the benefits of such an expensive application.

Dusky Pink in colour, Fresh Fragrance, non solvent smelling.