IRONIC - Advanced Iron Remover

IRONIC - Advanced Iron Remover

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What is Ironic?

A fully powered Iron Fallout Remover.
Ironic will turn purple when reacting with iron particles present on any painted surface. pH neutral in the bottle, once reaction is in process it becomes acidic.

Safe to use on any painted surface, rubber, plastic and glass.

Key features and Benefits:

• Powerful formlula concentration
• Safe on all substrates
• Reacts purple in contact with iron
• Fast at the job

Usage Instructions

Spray Ironic direct to the surface desired, allow up to four minutes to react with any iron particles present, this will indicate by turning a deep purple colour. Agitate where possible to make use of the surfactants contained. Rinse with pressured water.

Tip from the Pro:
Do not allow to dry out. Most iron fallout will be present on and around the braking surfaces.