HYPER - Mega Concentrate Car Care Shampoo

HYPER - Mega Concentrate Car Care Shampoo

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What is Hyper?

A mega concentrated and pH balanced powerful shampoo. Mixed into the blend you'll find several lubricating ingredients to make this the smoothest shampoo to use.

An extremely powerful cleaner, that is still mild when it comes to your protection. It will not strip any waxes or sealants. A safe wash, bringing real clarity to your detail.

Key features and Benefits:

• Super concentrated blend
• Powerful cleansing agents
• pH neutral and protection safe

Usage Instructions

Add one cap of Hyper to your wash bucket, fill with warm water. Agitate with pressured water to produce a sudsy foam. Safely wash the entire vehicle before rinsing.

Tip from the Pro:
On a hot day, pre-rinse the panels with cold water to cool the surface before you shampoo.