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Hawaii Tropical Shampoo, a proper dosage of our happy place!

Don’t let 2020 bring you down into a sulk, Hawaii Tropical Shampoo is here to bring the sunshine in whilst maintaining your weekly wash.

Neutrally balanced, it’s not going to strip your wax, it won’t ruin your sealant, it won’t be the same experience you have with most shampoos.

Hawaii is designed to be a ‘Full Foam’ Shampoo. Luscious with heavy suds, thick and creamy, excellent slippery feel with a beautiful gliding sensation across your paintwork.

The final act of Hawaii Tropical Shampoo, the aroma, it’s not just as simple as a smell, an aroma truly puts you into a state where you’ll believe you’re somewhere else, coconuts, pineapples, mangos, oranges, you will feel like you’re sat on a warm beach with the gentle sun slow on your face. Not being pumped with rain in Dudley.

Try it now whilst it’s just £1.

• “Why £1?!”

• “You get what you pay for!”

• “It must be watered down!!”


We offer products every now and then, for just £1. Because we can. We manufacture our own shampoo. Yes we use water, but we don’t water down - if anything, we water up. We import our own ingredients and raw materials, we are in control of our own manufacturing destiny! Whilst true - we don’t make money on a £1 bottle, we also lose a bit on the delivery charge, but we do gain NEW Customers!

If you’ve read this far, Welcome to MADCOW BRAND!