MAGNITUDE SiO2 Ceramic Paste Wax 200ml

MAGNITUDE SiO2 Ceramic Paste Wax 200ml

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Colossus is part of the Ceramic range from MadCow. It's based on an entirely new technology to us where we have fully utilised the full potential of siO2 silicon dioxide.

Magnitude is the highly desirable wax from the Colossus range, boasting a hand crafted blend with the ultimate ingredient of siO2 for strength, lasting protection and ever present reflective capabilities.

A simple to apply wax, as smooth as butter to apply without being grabby to remove. 15 minute cure time so also suitable in the show environment.
With its siO2 blend this wax is capable of a 12 month protection with good maintenance. 

200ml size in a full 89mm width enclosure, suitable for any applicator.

Purple in colour with a Violet & Lime fragrance, not a nasty solvent or pollutant smelling product.

Performance and pleasure poured into one jar.