CITRIC WASH - Pre Wash Concentrate

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What is Citric Wash?

An advanced Citric Acid blend recipe that will cling to the panel surface and create a lifting action to draw the traffic film away from the substrate.
Citric Wash pre-wash concentrate will remove road salts, dirt and grime with ease. Unlike a conventional pre-wash, it will draw dirt away from the surface faster due to its balance of chemicals. Safe on all painted surfaces and metals but, please test on an inconspicuous area prior to use. Do not allow to dry. Avoid application to a heated panel.

Key features and Benefits:

• High Strength Concentration
• High foaming abilities
• Safe on all surfaces

Usage Instructions

Spray Citric Wash directly onto the panel, allow a short time to dwell before removing with pressured water.

Tip from the Pro:
Agitate Citric Wash around handles, fuel filler caps, trim and plastics for best results.