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This set is extremely limited in number, 50 available to be precise. It's not one to let slide though:

• 500ml MADCOW KREME Ceramic Detailer

Not only does this coating offer an insatiable high gloss lustre, the water behaviour is just Epic! With a fantastic blast of fresh and sweet doughnut fragrance - it's as fun as it is clever!

• 500ml BISCOFFI Air Freshener

A beautiful aroma blending Cinnamon, Vanilla & a smidge of ginger snap brandy to give you the very best interior space to commute in. Beautiful, and long lasting. A full anti bacterial chemical is included in the blend to control any fusty odours previously existing to really allow Biscoffi to fully sing!

• 1000ml TWISTY pH neutral shampoo/snowfoam

Yes, a shampoo & a snow foam all in one!! The concentration ratio of this chemical is immense, such is the power, you will really notice a difference in the depth of clarity to your paintwork. Plus, it's a full 1000ml! Use a mitt, use a sponge (against our own will) use a snow foam lance - your choice! This liquid is based upon the famous Twister Ice lolly, it's outrageously addictive!

RRP if sold individually £24.95, £9.95, £19.95 plus delivery.

This deal (limited to just 50) is £39.95  

Please, the picture is a guide only, remember the Shampoo/snowfoam is double the size!