Celebration BOKS
Celebration BOKS
Celebration BOKS

Celebration BOKS

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What a fantastic way to get into Detailing, and 2021 - we are celebrating Light at the End of the tunnel with this BOKS, so here is the Celebration BOKS!

Let's get out there, clean our cars ready for show season to make a glorious return.

This is the set to go for, RRP individually these products weigh in at £144.99

Included in this BOKS:

• 5 litres SPRING Complete Auto Body Wash (wheels, glass, paintwork, rubbers, plastics, carbon fibre, aluminium - just soak and rinse)

• 1 litre WHIPPY Vanilla Ice Cream Quick Detailer

• 500ml SPARKLE Champagne Spray Wax

• 500ml BEER pH Neutral Shampoo - YES, it really does smell like a freshly pulled Pub Garden Pint.

• 500ml BEACH Air Freshener, this is truly hypnotic and gets everybody in the best mood.

• 500ml GRASS Glass Clarifier, freshly mowed grass fragrance.

• 500ml MANNI Banana & Nutella Milkshake scented Polish & Seal (such huge demand for this product to make a return to the BOKS format).

• 2x Small interchangeable trigger spray heads

• 1x Large Hi-Flow Trigger Spray head


If you're feeling really frisky, why not add the Wash Media set which gives excellent value, everything you need, all sorted. An additional £29.95

Wash media set includes:

• 10 pink microfibre cloths 

• 3 buffing towels yellow/black/grey

• 1 small drying towel

• 1 foam applicator

• 1 microfibre applicator 

• 2 nylon brushes


If you missed out on the last BOKS, don't worry, you can order that too - it was a mega one after all!

GET BOTH FOR £54.95 giving you nearly 10% of the previous BOKS.