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This is The RETRO BOKS.

Heavily anticipated by our most loyal of customers, and nutcase followers!

A Complete BOKS FULL of New Formulas, Concepts and as per usual, WAY TOO MUCH VALUE.

This set comes with:

• 5 RETRO SHIELD - A Ceramic Infused maintenance shield rinse aid

• 1000ml RETRO SNOW - pH Neutrally Balanced Summer Snow Foam

• 500ml RETRO FLUFF pH Neutral Shampoo

• 500ml RETRO ROCK Air Freshener - What A Smell This One IS!

• 500ml RETRO WAX - A high Gloss Endurance Spray Wax

• 500ml RETRO GEL - Tyre Shine with a pop

• 500ml RETRO COCO - A completely re-worked version of our excellent paint glaze

• 2x interchangeable trigger spray heads


Very limited offer, only 400 available (last months box has sold 1189 to date)