BATHE: pH Neutral Balanced Automotive Shampoo

BATHE: pH Neutral Balanced Automotive Shampoo

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tSUYA is really hitting with a bang in January, after the Quartz Ceramic wax (released last week) we now have the 5 Litre jerry cans of BATHE Shampoo.

Fully Balanced as a pH Neutral chemical, strong enough to perform the best job, but importantly gentle enough to look after your protection. 

With a fantastic dilution ratio, one cap to a bucket of warm water (yes, warm water - it truly does make a difference when unleashing the lifting power and ionic surfactants). This Jerry can will last through the harsh winter months.

We've agreed on a limited edition which is bright pink, scented strongly with Pineapple & Watermelon, it's quite a hypnotic fragrance. It definitely keeps the fun in looking after your vehicle in January.

"The level of suds this shampoo produces is just staggering!! The go on, and on, and on. Jaw fully dropped." - Alan Dino (local detailer)

"Christ on a bike, that smells better than Nicks arse-crack! What is it?!" - Next door neighbour at MADCOW HQ

Once these are sold, at this price, they are gone!