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Purified Sealant

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Masters Range Purified Gloss Paint Sealant

Boasting a phenomenal 12month lifespan this paint sealant is our most competent to date.

Easy application with a 15 minute cure time. This is a fully Hydrophobic sealant which you will notice penetrate the paint over the 15 minute bonding/feeding period.

This sealant will make any maintenance cycle a short lived process.

It can be applied:

* neat with a foam or cotton applicator
* dilute in a spray form buffing off immediately
* with a lance system
• Or, personal favourite method - spray onto paintwork, rinse with clean water through an open ended hose

Dilution ratio for spray application 40ml:960ml water (1 litre spray bottle)

Dilution ratio for lance application 125ml:875ml water (1 litre spray lance)

With a mind blowing clarity to follow.