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Colossus is a new range from MadCow. its based on an entirely new technology to us where we have fully utilised the full potential of siO2 silicon dioxide.

LIQUESCENT is a unique starting point with the Colossus range, it is packed with the good stuff.

It boasts the strength and protection of both siO2 and PTFE, remains easy to use and simple to maintain. Think of a liquid wax or a 'Super Resin' type of polish, this is close to the type of consistency we're looking at.

Apply to a foam applicator, wipe onto contaminant free paintwork, allow to soak (this is a visual soaking too) a quick swipe with your index finger to test bonding process has taken place, buff away excess with a clean cloth.

Extremely simple in application, hugely reflective and pure clarity levels. Fantastic water behaviour, Life span if maintained between 6-8 months protection.

Scented with Violet & Lime.

Get the most from your LSP, go Colossus!