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BOX13 Scotty's

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This is the opening BOX for 2019!!

This is the celebration of our monthly box, 2019 is a new year - it promises to be our most explosive yet..

As with all previous Team Mystery boxes, we will include a selection of our own formulas and fantastic products for you to play with. Always a great selection to see what we’re all about, as many of you will already know - the value of the box always far outweighs the price paid!

With 400 boxes available, every box contains a special gift ready for spring season!! A select number will have a chance of winning £50 worth of MADCOW, others £25, so worth the box face value.

This BOX is in honour of our good brand affiliate Scotty Harrison, he's waited months for this, and he will be delighted with what we've planned out!

We promise to make this box so strong, many will find products in here that become their ultimate favourites.