Stank Hanger

Stank Hanger

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We’ve been asked for these for so long now!

Being traditional to MADCOW, we have made ours super strength, with the very best in fragrance selection.

This will stay strong and last for up to 12 weeks!!

This seasons fragrance is a fresh, and addictive one, Pineapple & Strawberry laced with fizzy lemonade sherbet ❤️

Hang this in your car from the rear view mirror, enjoy the fresh blast everytime you open your doors. Hypnotic stuff.


Guidelines for use: Hang freely from rear view mirror. A plastic seal is inserted for transport to avoid leakage, remove this, screw on the top, tip upside down for two seconds to allow the oil to flow to the cork top, wipe away any drips before hanging to avoid damage, now hang. 

This is a neat perfume, no solvent is used to extend the liquid, this means it lasts twice as long, it also means the perfume can cause damage if the above guidelines are not followed. Please be careful. Hang freely (as in do not sit on your dashboard, or hide in your glovebox).

Always avoid contact with eyes, do not ingest.