Metallic Finish Car Wax

Metallic Finish Car Wax

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Candy Wax is our very sweetest offering in pure grade Brazilian white carnauba wax.

On a performance level this wax is designed to be used with Metallic paintwork, it seriously advances the flake popping sensation!

Highly durable to give great contaminant protection, excellent water sheeting, tall beading.

It must be noted too that this is by far our easiest product yet to use, very nice smooth oily feel when applying, easy effortless buffing follows.

With a curing time of 10 minutes you can really layer the protection up and gain a truly epic depth of colour maximising the devastating sparkle of the metallic flake!

It is also possible to leave this wax applied overnight (in a garage) to be buffed the following day, this will increase the shine level even further.

Fluorescent PiNK in colouring with a fragrance you'll struggle to put your finger on!! It's so sweet, it has to be Candy Wax.