Your bottle is needed!

Hello people, I’ve got something I want to ask, it’s a big effort - but one we feel we need to do as a brand, even if it alienates us from all of the others!

We’re looking at offering incentive & reward for helping us to recycle our bottles. 

We’ve looked into pouches, cartons, and all sorts of alternate packaging, but they either aren’t available, or they’re charged for at a premium rate. Making things difficult.

We want to offer a bottle bank type scheme. You send us back a minimum of 10 empty bottles, we will add (MOO’s) points to your account to be used towards purchasing on future orders. We’re willing to offer up to 20p per bottle.

10 bottles don’t weigh much, but it’s also not a wasted effort by the delivery system ( 2 bottles coming back wouldn’t impress on a pollution side of things ). 

We can, and will recycle the bottles in some shape or form, plus, it’s the right thing to do. By using plastics, we aren’t helping the situation, we appreciate this, but it doesn’t need to be a dead end.

I’m not a hippy, I’m not a vegan, I’m not a tree hugging nightmare who’s up for an argument 24/7, I’m very regular (mostly). But I do have a conscience, and I’m in a position to make sure we as a brand raise the bar in the industry where possible. 

Bottles must be ex MADCOW product, we’ll know how to deal with them this way. 

Hopefully this idea is something you’ll love, because we flipping love whales, birds, sea turtles, and most other wildlife (not seagulls, they’re dicks).

Help us make this worth while!


  • I hope you are not tying to save Wasps….. Wasps are bastard… they deserve to be killed with fire… Otherwise… recycling is cool!!

  • Wow! This is a fantastic idea. I love animals and things need to be done to help them. Well done for starting this, you guys are amazing.


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