What’s New?

What’s New? Seriously?! PLENTY!

Going back to October last year (2021) we’ve been working tremendously hard behind the scenes to re-jig our branding, factory, workforce - what a nightmare? Nope. But more than necessary. Being stuck in the mud and left behind is not something we are ever prepared to do.

We’ve re-designed artwork, labels, chemicals, all for the better. Now, bearing in mind we manufacture in house, this isn’t a quick process, believe me some hours have gone in, many hairs have been lost. 

Hopefully, as the customer you will start to see some rapid progress with these changes. 95% of all orders actually leave us the same day as they come in to our system. Our stocks are huge compared to previous years, we’ve heavily invested in this, money, time, love of the process.

If you’ve tried the New Products, you’ll no doubt have experienced the swing in performance levels. Experience in the trade has helped here, it’s not always something money can instantly fix. We’ve learnt a lot along the way, we’re now putting the knowledge to good use, which is in fact the definition of wisdom - not usually associated with the name Tom. Thanks a lot, I can see laughter. Nice mate. 

We’ve just today released another two Brand New Products to the range in ‘ALKIE’ and ‘STONK’.

Alkie, an Alkaline Wheel Cleaner. Whilst this is not a new chemical to the market, it is new to us, as we’ve created from the base up, to a standard we expect. It’s perfect for those more difficult wheel wash downs every now and then, it makes a pretty grim job extremely easy. Let the chemical do all of the work, finish with pressurised water to rinse. Saves your back from feeling like a crushed loaf of bread in the morning.

And then there’s Stonk!

A fully hydrophobic, heat resistant wheel coating sealant. Once applied, you are looking at up to 6 months of protection, making your maintenance routine washes a complete doddle. A light soap and rinse is all that’s needed for the general work commute Wash. 

This is the first blog of 2022. It won’t be the last, but if you’ve managed to stay with me this far in, thank you so much. Your support is massive! If you’re looking for a reward, at any time on our website when you’re are buying something, please use the discount code: BLOGGED for a Free £5 off! Only those that have read this will know. Punish those that couldn’t/wouldn’t spend a few minutes to read, we all need to poop - that’s where most reading happens. We all know this.

What do your want from MADCOW Next? 
Keep us on our toes please.

My thanks and love to you all, Tom, MADCOW

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