The Smell of Success, and eggs.

Okay, a standard Friday today - less orders to pack towards the end of the week, as usual. So we had penned in a mammoth Slayer run.

If you know Slayer, an Iron Fallout Remover, a Thioglycolate, you understand the issue we have producing it in a batch.

1000 litres, 1840 bottles later (split between 500ml & 5 litres) will tell you just how strong the factory smelt of eggs today. It’s pretty gaggy in there. No amount of PPE would ever help with this. Covid-19 assists better with the promise of a lack of smell and taste as two signature symptoms. 

Seriously, it is like hell right now!

Would we ever change our formula to smell less and weaken the effects? No. That isn’t what any of the customers want. 

Since re-working our Slayer recipe towards the end of 2021, you will find it to perform much better. A stronger cleanse, with approx 40% more active ingredient now in the blend. It will take longer to bleed when in contact with iron particles, but that’s just fine, it is now doing so much more than just one job. Obviously offering a more thorough decontamination, which is only beneficial for your wheels - we understand just how expensive a custom built set can be. 

If you have any ideas, or product/chemical questions, please ask them below in the comments. We’ve always tried to give the people what they want, to be in touch with you all as much as possible.

This is being written now from the comfort of home, I’m honestly dreading walking back into the MADCOW STANK HOUSE on Monday. You people have a choice, you can screw the lid back on. But for me, this is my life!

I see, smell, breathe, bleed Slayer. 

Whilst you’re here, this is the weekends too deal, only 100 available, all will sell out due to the sheer value of it. 

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