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Team Mystery Gets Personal

Evening all, as I'm writing this it is with great excitement to let you all know that BOX13 is to be poured, bottled up, capped, labelled and boxed, ready for shipping on Wednesday this week!

It's a different one, an excellent one for value - especially during the winter time, all products will be useful, no gimmicks.

The products, smell, HYSTERICALLY GOOD!!! Which in turn means, the workshop is a nice place to be in (that's assuming I'm actually in the workshop where Phil has been working his nuts off massively, if you see him, give him a massive pat on the back from me - he's made a lot happen for us whilst I've been a lazy arse sitting around for two weeks).  


As per usual, let us know what you think of the products in the box, could we improve them? Could we produce them full time? 

I'd also love to thank Scotty Harrison for his input with this box, he told us what he wanted, so many times, I hope we've done his demands justice?!




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