Skimpy Dress

Skimpy Dress

November 9, 2017

This is an Ultimate finishing product. 

You've used a Pre-Wash, Snowfoamed, Decontaminated, Shampoo'd, Polished, Refined, Protected. Now you need to dress it!


If you attend shows, or enjoy an immaculate 'finished' feel, OR, own an 80's future classic that hordes plastic trims for fun down the sides, up the sides, under the bonnet, up the windows - you'll want to keep them looking top dollar!


Skimpy dress is suitable for both rubbers and plastics. To reduce the tired look, inconsistent colouring, avoid any further cracking, splitting or drying out. 


It provides a substantial UV barrier to aid the regeneration. Contains nautral oils to really help to repair and keep trims flexible - hot summer cold winter on off weather will wreak havoc with these parts.


I'd always recomend for best adhesion to clean thoroughly first any areas you wish to treat. Either with a shampoo and rinse with cold water, then dried. Alternatively, use an all purpose cleaner like MADCOW Potent Pink. 




Onto a dry surface, massage a small amount of Skimpy Dress into the plastic trim, there will be minimal soaking into the plastic as its not particularly porous, spread out as far as you can in one application. Any excess will need to be buffed away and wasted. Allow 5 minutes to dry, for a semi gloss finish lightly wipe with a fresh and dry sponge. For a Satin sheen which is a little more OEM, once dry after 5 minutes buff with a microfiber cloth. 


Top Tip: For an Extra High Gloss finish use a hot air gun or hairdryer to accelerate the drying process. 



Tyres and window trim/seals, apply with a sponge a small bead of Skimpy Dress. Allow a nice even layer to soak into the rubber for up to 8 minutes to penetrate and feed the rubber. This will allow Skimpy Dress to impregnate the rubber adding a protection to the surface. Once dry, depending on desired sheen level - lay off with a sponge for semi gloss, buff with a microfiber cloth for satin.

 As a standard procedure, it goes without saying



It's reasonable to expect 2 weeks life from Skimpy Dress as a High Gloss coating, and 4 weeks as a Satin sheen. You will see a drop off in protection performance given after 6 weeks.











































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