Good morning/evening all, Welcome to MADCOW, this is our MEGA SALE. 

So called MEGA because it's our biggest to date, we've never offered value quite like this before - we've never created our products in such bulk before, which has given us to go ahead to offer more to yourself, the customer.

We've put our website and branding through a spin cycle to remain free and interesting, it also pushes our standards onwards as always.

Orders will leave us within the week placed, any change to that we will let you know in due course. It's likely you will receive two parcels if there are any brief shortages, again, we will let you know this via the order portal. You will always be in control and in the know!

With discounts offered up to 75%, there's not a lot that can go wrong here. We produce all products in house, from raw materials, start to finish. We have spent the entirety of 2020 investing into our output, factory, staff members to push ahead full steam into 2021 with a positive attitude. This has been made possible with your support as a veteran customer, or indeed a new customer. 

We are as friendly to the Trade user as we are the Retail user, we cater for everyone with our products. It's taken 7 years to hit the level we have now, we are so proud to have succeeded here and are more than thriving!

Please take advantage of this MEGA SALE, fill your boots, enjoy MADCOW.

Thank you!

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