New Product Released

Oh have a look. Have a look at his barnet!

This New Product Released, is a complete monster. It's simply impossible to top. Very rarely does a brand marry performance, with it's hook. But THIS Product has ticked every box.

DRUM STICK Wheel soap is the culprit.


As you will well know, your wheels are precious, a huge expense, sometimes rare and imported, mostly critical to a cars look.

DRUM STICK is designed to first of all Cleanse your wheel, in a mild and caring way. It is suitable for any wheel type, Painted, Polished, Cut or Bare, Split or Cast. It is a pH balanced shampoo. Dilution ratio is excellent, a very high foaming shampoo which really helps the surfactant to hold onto the wheel barrel and defies gravity for the upper half.

We want DRUM STICK to become the go to Wheel Soap for every car out there. It's a genuine performer, and probably the most intoxicating product to use due to its fantastic fragrance. It is heaven! Making this one up in the lab has been nothing short of a godsend. It's BEAUTIFUL!

It's also one of very few white coloured shampoo's you'll find on the market too, it has been made with very pure ingredients (virgin in most cases) so we have gone with a white to prove just how clean it is.

This product is now LIVE for purchase, it is fully blown and will remain in production for the future - not a flash in the pan limited edition.




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