This weekend only, 5 Litres of SLAYER FALLOUT REMOVER is just £24.95

You're not beating that, NOBODY IS!!

The number 1 in the name of Decontamination, on wheels, on paintwork, bare metals - this is the one product that can save a true fortune down the line.

A full removal of iron fallout, strong surfactants used, gel formula to aid with clinging to the surface to increase the reaction taking place. A very "no-nonsense" but necessary chemical process in any line of detailing.

Please remember, this is not a wheel cleaner, yes it will do a job - but it's not how it is intended to be used. We always recommend a dedicated wheel cleaner is used, like Banana Musa ( MADCOW ), once "clean" then apply Slayer to remove the fallout. 

It Bleeds Red as it should when in contact with any Iron particles. This indicator lets you know it's working, on top of the smell. It's a harsh one, but it's a working mans kind of smell.


Limited stocks available for this weekend only at this price.

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