Is anything New coming?

Is anything New coming to MADCOW BRAND?


We’re trying to stick to creating two new products at each month, not just variants of already present items, we’re working on Really New Products!

At the end of January we will be releasing our Water Repellant Glass Cleaner, and a Sealant for any painted, wrapped, polished surface. Both so far are un-named, maybe we could do with your help on this if you’d like to comment at the bottom. Mention the fragrance you’d like to sniff at as well whilst you’re there. 

Ebay. You may have/have already/have abused our listings on eBay lately, we’ve released 5 sets especially for eBay which all start at 99p, 24 hour auctions, no reserve, to make sure somebody picks up a great deal each day. It’s worked well so far, created a lot of excitement, keeps us busy. 

All 5 of these eBay sets are pre-packed at our warehouse, shelved and ready to go, so they really do fly out fast and into your hands. You can check the sets out now any day by clicking the pic below;

So, in other news we haven’t had much else to let you know. We’re not massively busy right now, the weather is as usual in January. Your vehicle looks a disgrace, when the weekend comes to wash it, you won’t get out of bed until 1pm because it’s too cold to have your hand in a wash mitt. (Always use warm water, no excuses). so whilst this is the case, we start to tinker and develop a lot more. Some of the things we’ve tried in January have been exceptional, some just pure moronic, it’s the only way to produce great products sometimes.



Our caustic concentrate Pre Wash has really turned heads this month, many of you picked it up during the Black Friday Sale with the New Branding Launch in 2021. How easy is this product to use and get the filth broken down? So easy. Keep the great feedback coming in guys and ladies. Thank you!

Thank you all for another fantastic week, any questions please fire them in below, suggestions, feedback, all taken on board and appreciated. 

❤️ Take Care, THE MADCOW GUYS 🐄💨




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