Cola Snow

Cola Snow

October 13, 2017

Snowfoam, does it work?

Do you really want me to answer that? YES 100% 



This is not only a necessary stage in detailing, but for most, it's the most fun! There's nothing more satisfying than firing a hot load of thick blanket over a vehicle (stop laughing, your mind out of the gutter please). 


I've used our own Cola Snow here. The standard going rate is 2" or roughly two fingers (stop) of concentrate in the bottom of your lance, filled up with warm water. Approx 200ml to 800ml in a litre sized lance, or 100ml to 400ml - dependant on your rig.


On a hot day i'd always pre-soak the vehicle with cold water just to stop the snowfoam getting too hot and drying out faster than it can glide down the paintwork. Ideally, you want a foam that allows a decent hang-time without being as thick as shaving foam. Thickness adds nothing. No benefit. Waste of product and your own money. 


The best part for me, the damn smell of the stuff!

Obviously, it's not all about the smell - but why have it smelling of arse, eggs, and the sandwich you found behind your wardrobe at the age of 12 when moving house because you didn't eat it for lunch at school, you know, the one that had been there for maybe three years, the one that got you grounded, the one that smelt so bad you vowed to only create great smelling products 16 years later on in life! 

True story. I still do it.



The snowfoam will sit on the painted surface, glass, rubbers, plastics. It's job is to loosen the dirt, not make it disappear.

5 minutes of hanging/clinging/soaking is plenty, blast away with clean water. You're now ready for the beginning of your detail. Shampoo next...




Cola Snow made in the UK by MADCOW is a pH neutral Snowfoam, it's designed this way to be a little more mild on all surfaces - NO it won't strip a wax or any other LSP. Nor would a caustic snowfoam, any self respecting wax/LSP will always last a snowfoam torturing. We make it pH neutral in balance, because that's really the way we like to use it. 


All in all, it's a very solid performer, cost effective, hands free cleansing with a strong dilution ratio.

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