Celebration Box

This is a Celebration Box! 

To all the MADCOW LOVERS out there, we’ve created a Box of Limited Edition products to work wonders on all paintwork conibvninto the spring. Make it PoP!

A fully re-worked Mannies Milkshake sporting a Love Hearts Fragrance, this excellent AIO ( all in one ) polish & protect Sealant is very fit for purpose when paired up with the fantastic Supreme Shampoo - this set is off to an amazing start! With its dilution ratio of 2200:1 it’s a deadly high concentration shampoo. 

And then there’s the PURITY HYBRID WAX!!

This will give your paintwork an amazing depth, utilising both Carnauba wax and select polymers - it’s a thing of beauty! Purple Vimto Limited Edition.

Such an easy wax to apply, as smooth as butter, easy removal with the cloth included. With a lasting protection layer down, you’re good to wash weekly with the Supreme shampoo and keep your vehicle looking tip top through to the back end of the summer.


RRP £95 

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