A heads up!

You may have noticed lately our prices have changed, for the better! Favourites such as:

Ultra Violet QD has been reduced from £12.99, down to a killer £9.95!! 

Mango Sauce from £12.99 to a phenomenal just £8.95!! 

Snowfoams, priced the same - but have doubled in size.


Many more price changes have occurred throughout the site. There is one great reason for this, the customer is winning with MADCOW.

But, the real reason, volume of production. We've gone from a tiny brand, making tiny batches. We became a small brand, creating small batches. We want to become a big brand, so are producing bigger batches. 25 litre runs, are now 1000 litre blends. Now that we have Phil in the office and running the commerce side, we have a full production line, managed by myself, now that I have the time to step away from the insanely busy customer side - I can concentrate, and develop our own products in house, like we always have done, but in a more methodical way. Properly. Every day, without issue. It's beautiful, it's also why I started doing this, we make our own - we've always been so proud of that!

One thing we promise to do, is to keep level headed and in touch with our customer base, which is yourself reading this! You keep us in business, put us on every map whether that's in the UK, Europe or the USA. 

At every opportunity we always look to give something back to the customer, this is our start for 2019. Plenty of extras are coming, but you'll ned to stay with us along the journey xX

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